Alli & Alcohol

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The effect of Alli is not affected by drinking alcohol, however it is important to remember that drinking a lot of alcohol will definitely not help you to lose weight due to the number of calories contained in every drink.  A small glass of white wine is 130 calories, and a bottle of beer around 170.  Consumption of alcohol ought to be reduced when trying to lose weight, if taking Alli or not. 

Is it Safe to drink Alcohol & take Alli?

Alli does not react with alcohol, however drinking excessively when taking Alli might well lead to problems with accentuated side effects.  This would not be due to a reaction with the alcohol, but more a response to increased levels of calories and fats entering your system.  It is advisable to try not to drink when taking Alli, or to limit the amount you drink as much as possible.

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