Is Alli Weight Loss Pill a Drug?

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Alli is a laboratory made composition with no natural active ingredients made by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.  Due to this is it a drug, with the active ingredient of Orlistat and other ingredients including Blue colourings, Edible Ink, microcrystAlline cellulose, sodium, glycolate and titanium dioxide.  It also contains gelatine and as a result is not suitable for vegetarians.  There are alternative slimming pills that are derived from natural ingredients, but these have a varying track record. 

The main active ingredient in Alli, Orlistat, has been used in higher dosages for many years, but only in prescription weight loss pills administered to the seriously overweight and obese.  Alli itself should only be used by people with a BMI of over 28, and a pharmacist ought to assess whether you are eligible to take the drug and give advice and warnings over its use.  Using Alli should not be the first choice if trying to lose weight, and should only be used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise plan. 

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