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When taking Alli slimming pills it is important that you follow pharmaceutical advice regarding an appropriate diet.  Alli works by preventing as much fat from being absorbed by the intestine when compared to eating without taking the tablets.  This, however, means that a fatty diet will make digestion difficult, leading to problems with passing stools or with leakage. 

It is recommended that you eat three decent meals per day and a snack, even though you are wanting to lose weight there is no need to starve yourself.  It is, however, important to ensure that the foods that you eat are low in fat and calories and encompass a healthy, nutritional diet. 

The most important part of your diet when taking the Alli diet pills is that you maintain a good level of nutrients and ensure that it is low in fat, so preventing any side effects that might occur if you continue with your usual diet that might be too high in fat.  It is also a good idea to take a multi-vitamin supplement containing vitamins A, D, E and K, in order to replenish any vitamins that you might not be absorbing due to the effects of Alli.

There is no need to cut out any specific food categories when taking Alli.  In fact it is a good idea to maintain a varied diet containing all the main foodstuffs. 

Bread, Cereals & Potatoes 

These give you much needed slow burning energy, and ought to be a part of every single meal that you eat.  It is a good idea to stick to wholegrain options, these are the healthiest and also contain fibre that has been proven to aid digestion.  These options also help to keep you feeling full and content for a longer period of time than other foods.

Fruit & Vegetables

Like a normal, balanced diet you ought to try to eat at least 5 different fruits and vegetables every day of as many different colours as possible.  There are all sorts of vitamins and minerals contained within fruit and vegetables that are very beneficial to your health and can help you to lose weight in healthily.

Diary Products

Calcium is a very important element of a healthy diet and is contained in milk, yoghurt, cheese and many alternatives such as soya alternatives.  However, you do need to make some changes to your intake of dairy products by choosing reduced fat options.  It might seem like a good idea to opt for the totally fat free alternatives, however they don’t contain vitamin A that you will need to be consuming as Alli can make you deficient.  


Meat, pulses and other high protein foods such as tofu should be consumed only in small portions.  You must try to remove any visible fats from the surface of meats and any skin from poultry meat.  In order to bulk out meals you can use increased amounts of beans or peas. 


Fish ought to be eaten twice a week as it is a brilliant source of omega 3 and vitamin D, especially if the fish is oily.

Another good way to get the full benefits from your food, and to help you feel fuller quicker, is to chew your food for a longer period of time than you usually would.  This helps you to realise that you are full quicker than if you didn’t chew for very long, and can also help you to appreciate your food as you can appreciate the flavors better.

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