Alli & BMI (Body Mass Index)

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Alli weight loss pills should only be used if you have a BMI (Body Mass Index), of 28 or more.  Taking Alli if you are under a BMI of 28 is not the right course of action in order to lose weight.  Your pharmacist will check your BMI before they allow you to purchase the drug. 

To determine your BMI it is quite simple and there are many websites that quickly calculate it for you.  If you would rather do it yourself than you need to

  • Measure your height in metres and times the figure by itself.
  • Weigh yourself in Kilograms
  • Divide the weight figure by the calculation of your height (your height in meters squared).
  • Any BMI over 25 is considered overweight, with anything above 30 indicating obesity.  Below 20 is an indicator of being underweight with the healthy category being between 20 and 25. 

If you do not meet the BMI requirements of your pharmacist then you will not be sold the Alli slimming pills.  It is also likely that if you are a lot over a BMI of 28 and have tried to lose weight previously that you would be better off visiting your GP to discuss slimming pills.  It might be that you are prescribed the more potent version of Alli. 

If you are below the required BMI of 28 then purchasing Alli is not a good idea as it could potentially cause you health problems due to its misuse.  Medication should only be used by those who it is recommended for, and for Alli that is for people over a BMI of 28 who are serious about weight loss. 

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