How the Alli Weight Loss Drug Works

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Alli isn’t very quick acting, and needs to be used in conjunction with a planned diet and regular exercise. Without using these there can be some side effects and the weight loss will only be minimal. 

Basically, Alli stops your intestines from absorbing fats from the foods that you eat, so reducing the amount of fats and calories that enter your body.  Within your intestine is an enzyme called ‘lipase’.  Lipases’ primary function is to reduce fat from the food that you eat, making it smaller so that it can then be stored.  This is what makes you put weight on and causes the fatty deposits, which you may not be happy with.  If you are using Alli at the recommended dosage then 25% of the fat that you would usually absorb from foods is prevented from entering the body by altering the production and productivity of the lipase enzymes.  Once the fat has been prevented from entering the body it is ejected through your regular bowel movements, which can make your stools appear oily or runny. 

Following Guidelines for taking Alli

Due to the nature of Alli, it is imperative that you take the advice given to you and stick to a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet in order to prevent problems that might otherwise occur.  These can be diarrhoea, increased wind with some spotting, oily stools or vitamin deficiencies.  You will have to take a pill with every meal eaten to ensure its continued effectiveness.  It is recommended that you don’t exceed 15 grams of fat within any meal per day, as the Alli pill will not be able to cope with any more fat than this, and this is when the unwanted side effects start to occur.  

Alli might also have a knock on effect, and may alter the amount of vitamins that your body can absorb. It prevents the fat from entering your system, but can also block much needed minerals and vitamins, as a result it is important that you take supplements in order to prevent any deficiencies from causing you any harm. 

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