Health Risks with Alli Weight Loss Pills

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Alli has been known to produce some serious health problems when used, although these are rare in number.  There is a risk of problems when taking any form of medication, and Alli ought to be seen as this, a drug that could potentially create real health problems. 

Risks include:

  • Allergic reaction.  This will be indicated by sweating, the development of rashes, swelling of the face, collapsing and real problems breathing.  This can potentially create a large health risk, and if anything occurs that you are concerned about then you ought to seek immediate
  • Rectal bleeding. 
  • Inflamed large intestine.  This will be indicated by pain in the stomach especially on the left side with a very high temperature and constipation.
  • Pancreatitis.  Inflamed pancreas, you might experience very bad pain in the stomach and towards your back with a high temperature and vomiting.
  • Bursting blisters on your skin.
  • Hepatitis, inflammation of the liver, you may experience a yellowing of the skin, tummy ache and soreness around where your liver is.

If you experience anything that might make you think you have one of these serious health problems then immediately stop taking the Alli pills and seek instance and urgent medical advice.  Merely stopping the drug might not reverse the problem and it is likely that you will need some form of treatment. 

In order to prevent any serious medical problems due to the use of Alli it is important that if you suffer from any health problems that you seek the advice of your GP before you start to take them.  This will prevent any conditions that ought to be avoided in the first place.  Although losing weight might be a real concern and something that you are desperate to achieve, Alli can be dangerous if abused.

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