Alli Weight Loss Pill with Medications

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Alli can be used in conjunction with other medications, however there are some that will prevent you from being able to use Alli, and others that might be affected either by the drug or by the act of you losing weight.  It is important that if you have any health problems that require you to take medication that you seek the advice of your doctor before you start taking Alli.

It is advised that you do not use Alli without medical advice if you are taking:

  • Diabetes medication in pill form
  • Cyclosporine – A drug used to prevent any rejection of transplant organs
  • Digoxin – A medication to help prevent heart problems for those who experience heart disease or failure
  • Levothyroxine – Used to turn around the effects of an under-active thyroid
  • Warfarin or other blood thinners – These are commonly used to prevent any blood clots forming for those at risk of heart problems or strokes

There are all sorts of other medications that shouldn’t be used in conjunction with Alli.  You do need to talk to your doctor if you are not sure whether it will affect your medications effectiveness.  In many instances it is necessary to adjust the dosage of medications as they might be affected by the lack of absorption or need to be changed according to your weight.  It would also be a good idea to discuss other vitamins, supplements or over the counter medication that you might be taking.  Although you don’t need to go to your doctor to take or purchase Alli, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask their advice about it. 

Alli Weight Loss Pill and Contraceptives

When you are taking Alli it is possible that oral contraceptives might lose their effectiveness as they could be passed through your digestive system too quickly to become absorbed into your blood stream.  As a result of this it would be sensible to take another form of contraceptive throughout your Alli use to ensure no risk of pregnancy.  Other forms of contraception should continue to work as normal. 

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