How to take Alli Weight Loss Pill

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The Alli slimming pill ought to be taken according to recommendations and no one should ever exceed the maximum dosage.  You will be given instructions on its use by the pharmacist that you purchase it from, and the pack of pills will contain such information for your perusal. 

When taking Alli you need to follow the relevant diet in order to make it effective and to prevent any unwanted side effects.  It would be a good idea to start a low-fat and low calorie diet before you even start taking Alli, to ensure that you can stick to it and are dedicated enough not to give up.  There is plenty of advice on how to achieve this, from recipes to hints on how to eat healthily when eating out, on the Alli website and from your pharmacist. 

Alli ought to be taken three times a day, before every meal.  This does not have to be a regulated routine, but you ought to have a pill before you eat anything substantial.  If you skip a meal then you shouldn’t take a pill, likewise if you eat something with no fat within it then Alli should not be taken.  This is because there will then be nothing for it to work on, it will do you no benefit and instead could produce side effects that are either uncomfortable or a health risk.  Taking extra Alli when you eat a meal high in fat should also be avoided, it is not a good idea to exceed more than one pill per meal.  Taking additional Alli hugely increases the risk of treatment effects such as bloating, flatulence and oily spotting. 

Seeking Advice for concerns about taking Alli

If you are concerned about any side effects that you are experiencing then you need to stop taking the pill as soon as possible and seek advice.  For major problems you will need to see your GP, for minor problems it is likely that your pharmacist can help. 

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