Side Effects of Alli

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The Alli slimming pill can have some rather awful side effects if not used properly or in conjunction with a low fat diet.  Some of the most common of these are:

  • Runny, oily stools.  If too much fat is being eaten, over 15mg per meal, then the fat that isn’t being absorbed will leave the body unaltered.  This means that it will pass through as fat, so making your stools unpleasant and soft. 
  • Vitamin deficiencies.  It is advised that you take a multi-vitamin supplement when taking Alli in order to replace any vitamins that are not being absorbed through the normal digestion of food.  Typically these vitamins are A, D and E as well as Omega-3’s which are introduced to the body through food fats.  Vitamin deficiencies can lead to many various problems including anemia, fertility problems and eye inflammation.  This can be avoided by using a multi-vitamin supplement, although this ought to be taken a couple of hours before the Alli pill as otherwise it might not enter your system.
  • Stomach pain and discomfort.  Sometimes bloating can occur which can be quite uncomfortable.  If this is causing you a lot of pain then you ought to seek medical advice as it might be an indication of a medical condition.
  • Diarrhoea.  It is often the case that your stools will become a lot runnier, and you might find it hard to control.
  • Depression and skin problems are associated with low fat diet that lasts a long time, so if you stick to using Alli and the low fat diet, eventually this could occur. 
  • Spotting of fatty fluids from the anus. If you continue to eat a diet with a high fat consistency then it is possible that orange coloured deposits will leave the anus involuntarily.  This can obviously cause embarrassment and upset.
  • Cold type symptoms such as a blocked nose or a cough or even flu type symptoms like a fever or a sore throat.
  • Headaches
  • Back problems
  • Small-scale skin rashes
  • Tooth and gum issues
  • Anxiety

There is a possibility that you could also develop more serious health problems, although these are a lot less frequent.

In order to ensure that these side effects don’t occur it is imperative that you follow the guidelines set out by your pharmacist and read the instructions provided with Alli.  Overdosing, not changing your diet or using the drug if not required can all lead to these unpleasant side effects. 

These are only some of the known side effects that sometimes occur, it could be that it has an abnormal effect on you and that other symptoms or side effects occur. 

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