Buying Alli at Boots, Asda, Tesco & Lloyds

Alli, the weight loss pill, is an ever-popular aid to enable you to lose extra weight when also maintaining a healthy, low fat diet and taking regular exercise.  It is the first FDA endorsed slimming pill, and contains a drug, orlistat, that in higher quantities is used by overweight people through prescription. 

Alli is available at almost all pharmacies, and this includes in house pharmacies in large supermarkets such as Asda or Tescos.  Boots is currently the most popular place to buy Alli, and has a regular supply both in store, with pharmacists on hand to give advice, as well as on their online stores. Most pharmacies now sell Alli, including Lloyds and many independent pharmacies. 

If you buy Alli from a supermarket pharmacy you will have to go through the same procedures as you would in any other pharmacy.  The pharmacist will give you a brief consultation, discussing how to use the drug and what else you ought to be doing to enable effective weight loss.   

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