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The drug Alli is gaining in popularity within the UK, and so more information is being sought on the pill and how best to use it and other lifestyle changes that might make it more effective.  The manufacturers of Alli, GlaxoSmithKline, have also bought out a 360 page book in order to give further information.

The Alli diet plan gives information on how the drug works and details on exactly how it benefits you in your weight loss effort.  As well as this all the potential side effects are discussed along with hints on how to avoid these.  This is information that should be given to you by your pharmacist when you buy the drug, but it might be helpful for you to have them written down for future reference. 

The Alli diet plan contains a host of recipes and eating advice, explaining what different food groups to for your body and detailing which should be eaten less or more.  The recipes allow you to cook healthy food knowing how many calories and how much fat is contained within a portion, so being able to control your diet better. 

Buying the diet plan alone will give you advice on how to eat healthily, but it is nothing new and doesn’t contain anything different from the advice that you can get from any GP or pharmacist.  It might allow you to cook healthier foods at home and might give you more structure in your eating habits, but this information is also available online. 

The Alli diet plan costs around £9.95 and is available online, in bookshops or at many suppliers of the Alli drug such as supermarkets or pharmacies. 

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