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Alli works by reducing the amount of fat that your body absorbs, and as a result can lead to side effects if too much fat is consumed.  These side-effects can be controlled by reducing fatty food and calorie intake.  The easiest way to control your diet is to cook for yourself at home.  By doing this you can keep a check on the foods that you have eaten, and have complete choice over what you eat and how it is cooked. 

The Alli website contains a number of helpful recipes, including main courses and deserts, that can help you to effectively manage your diet at home.  These clearly show you the number of calories within each meal, and the fat content in grams.  It is recommended that you do not exceed 15 grams of fat within any meal, and by using the recipes available you can easily keep a tab of your fat consumption.  There is no need to limit the number of meals that you eat, or to go hungry.  Three healthy, low fat and calorific meals per day will enable you to lose weight, reduce or avoid any treatment effects of Alli, and enjoy your food at the same time.

When eating at home and cooking for yourself it is important not only to control what you eat, but also how much you eat.  Portion sizes need to be kept realistic.  Recipes clearly tell you how many portions they will make, and it is important that you stick to these guidelines or you may end up consuming double the amount of fats and calories than you ought to or expect to.  When cooking at home it is a good idea to vary your diet as much as possible by eating different meats, vegetables and fruits.  Vegetables all contain different quantities of vitamins and minerals and eating as many types as possible ensures that your body has access to necessary vitamins.  Using certain recipes you can quickly create a diet plan, allowing you to plan and shop for future meals while incorporating as much variety as possible. 

Daily Guide to eating when taking Alli

It is a good idea to vary your diet when taking the Alli drug, but this is a guideline for a typical days diet.


Fruit salad or oatmeal with low fat yoghurt or low fat turkey bacon with scrambled egg whites and a slice of wholemeal toast.


Ham and low fat soft cheese sandwich on brown bread with a salad.  The salad can be dressed but with oils rather than with a fatty dressing such as ceasar. 

Grilled white fish with mashed potato and peas.  When making the mash avoid using butter and use a low fat substitute. 

For dessert either fruit or a sorbet


Beef casserole with carrots, swede and mushroom.  Make sure that the beef is very lean and accompany with greens.

Chicken risotto, cooked with the chicken breast and no butter.  This can be made with any vegetables you’d like to add. 


Fruit is an obvious healthy choice, but this isn’t all that you can eat.  You can make low fat crumbles, jellies and even chocolate puddings using reduced fat ingredients and ensuring that the portion sizes aren’t too large. 

There is no need to eat differently from the rest of your family, and making extra meals can lead to a lot of wasted time and hassle.  Your family, even if not taking Alli, will also benefit from a low fat but high vitamin diet.  It might be the case that they will have to eat larger portions that you but the same foods. 

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