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Alli is definitely not the cheapest slimming pill available.  If you are buying Alli pills over the counter at a pharmacy then it might cost you between £40 and £50 for a months supply.  This averages out at about £1.50 per day, depending on the price of the pills from your pharmacy or chemist. 

If you were, instead, to be prescribed Xemical by your doctor then you would only have to pay prescriptions fees of £7.10, making it a lot cheaper than Alli, probably costing you 25p per day instead of £1.50.  This obviously works out cheaper, and can enable you to lose weight while being monitored by your GP. 

Alli can also be bought online, although this is not the ideal way to purchase the slimming pills for first time users.  However, many online pharmacies also offer valuable information and personal advice that any other pharmacist would give.  Online costs vary, Alli can cost between £33 and £50 for a months supply, although you can get discounts from some online stores by buying in bulk.  This generally saves you a lot of money.  It is easy to buy Alli online, although you need to ensure that you fit the criteria laid out in the online form that you will be required to fill out.  When you buy Alli online you will also be supplied with an information guide, posted out to you with the drug.

You must be careful if buying Alli online that you are buying the genuine product from a registered online pharmacy.  There are a lot of imitation drugs for sale online, these might not be registered and could end up costing you a lot of money without any benefits.

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