Alli Diet Pills & Eating at Restaurants

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Taking Alli doesn’t mean that you can’t eat out in restaurants.  There are many things that you can do to ensure that food you eat out is still a healthy choice. 

Helpful Hints when Dining Out

  • Avoid alcohol and if you do drink make sure that you remember how many calories that can be.  It is better to avoid alcohol if possible but in small doses will not pose a problem.
  • Make informed decisions.  Make sure that you are clued up on the best types of foods to be eating and how much fat is in a typical meal.  For example seafood and chicken would be a healthier choice than red meat.  Studying the menu closely and ensuring that you choose something that is healthy and low in fat can still be a part of a good Alli diet.
  • Ask if things can be modified slightly.  A lot of restaurants will be able to cook things that are healthier or lower in fat, such as grilling rather than frying meat.
  • Limit the amount of dressing, sauces and chips that you consume.
  • Stick to smaller portions, maybe ordering only a starter if the place gives out large meals.

There is no need to stop eating out if you are taking Alli, however you will have to modify the way you do so. just as you have to change other parts of your lifestyle in order to lose weight effectively.

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