Is Alli Weight Loss Pill Safe?

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The safety of any drug is dependant on the application by you, the user.  The active ingredient of Alli, Orlistat, has been used for many years in a higher dose for people who are severely overweight.  The company who makes Alli has done numerous tests and it is endorsed by the American FDA, (Food and Drug Administration), so indicating that there have been numerous safety checks and is considered safe for public use.  If it is abused, however, then it could cause serious problems.  It is essential, therefore, that you follow advice given by both the company who makes the drug, and your pharmacist or doctor. 

Safe Measures when taking Alli

  • Make sure that you buy your Alli from a trusted and licensed retailer, be it online or on the high street.  Cheap offers of similar drugs or drugs supposed to be the same but with a different name are probably just a con, and ought to be avoided. 
  • Stick to the recommended dose.  You are supposed to take a pill with every meal that you eat.  It is true that Orlistat is used in higher dosages on prescription, but that is regulated by a doctor and only used in specific circumstances.  If you overdose on Alli then it is a lot more likely that you will experience some nasty side effects and potentially put yourself in pain and a higher risk of illness.
  • Alli should not be used to stay thin, or for people who do not have any or much weight to lose.  It is essential that you only use Alli if you have a BMI of over 28 and really do need to lose weight.
  • If you are concerned about any reactions or side effects that you are experiencing then you need to seek advice either from your pharmacist, who will refer you to a doctor if unsure, or from your doctor directly.

Safety of the drug very much depends on how you use it, and abuse of Alli could result in some nasty problems.  Generally, if you have any digestive problems then it is not advised to use it. 

Alli & your Liver

Recently there have been concerns raised about the effect the drug can have on the liver, with some reports of liver damage after using Alli.  As of yet there has not been sufficient evidence to warrant any real concern, although there is a safety review ongoing.  It is important to look out for any signs of liver problems, such as tiredness, jaundice or brown urine, and seek medical advice if this occurs.

Although there are some unpleasant side effects that can occur due to the use of Alli, it is very unlikely that, if used properly, Alli poses any real health risk.  Any concerns that you might have ought to be addressed to your pharmacist and they will ensure that you are given any instruction or information that you might need.  Some experts have expressed concern about long-term use of the drug, believing that usually it is not used properly and as of yet we have not seen any real long-term users due to the infancy of the drug. 

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