Alternatives to Body Lift Surgery (Non Surgical Body Lift)

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Remember that body lift surgery is a radical procedure that involves spending a long time under general anaesthetic and could result in extensive scarring. You may wish to investigate some alternatives before signing on the dotted line and parting with your hard earned cash.

Radiofrequency and infrared treatments

If you only have a small area of loose skin (e.g. after liposuction) then you might be a good candidate for radiofrequency or infrared treatments. Radiofrequency treatment works by stimulating the skin through heating and causing it to produce more collagen (which acts to tighten the skin). The high temperature produced in the skin results in the death of the fat cells.

Both radiofrequency and infrared treatments will need to be administered by a trained professional so that a very high dose can be administered. Under these circumstances skin can be tightened around 20-30%. However, these treatments will only work on small areas of loose skin, so if you have large amounts of loose skin then radiofrequency and infrared would be inadvisable.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments act in a similar way to radiofrequency and infrared treatments and results in the heating up of the fat cells. These heated cells then liquefy and are disposed of by the body. Laser treatments can be carried out on most areas of the body but (again) will only be less effective on large folds of skin.

Laser assisted liposuction is a way of carrying out liposuction at the same time as tightening the skin so it can reduce the amount of loose skin left after liposuction. This option is best for people who have a minimal amount of loose skin and are still carrying some excess fat that they wish to be removed with liposuction. Again, if you have large amounts of loose skin then this option will be inappropriate for you.

Laser skin resurfacing is another option that could be used as an alternative to body lift surgery if you only have small areas that you wish lifting (i.e. around the face area).


This is potentially one of the most relaxing alternatives and many people have this treatment simply as a form of massage! Endermologie involves the use of a hand held device that sucks and rolls to produce an intensive massage that acts to break down the fat that lies within the skin layers. It is most commonly used to treat cellulite and to tone areas around the stomach, thighs and buttocks and could be an option if your excess skin is restricted to these areas. However, if you have large folds of excess skin or it covers other areas of your body, then this treatment may not be suitable for you.

Diet, exercise and body lift creams etc.

T here are a number of methods that can be used to try to reduce your loose skin such as taking more exercise, eating a healthy diet, exfoliating the skin and using aloe vera and other creams. However, many people find that this is not enough after massive weight loss (due to the fact that the sagging skin is just skin and not fat!) But, the use of these methods could be used as a way to show your commitment to loosing your sagging skin before booking an appointment for body lift surgery consultation.

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