Who can carry out Body Lift Surgery?

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Only fully qualified surgeons can carry out body lift surgery. A number of surgeons work for private plastic or cosmetic surgery businesses and most will have a string of letters after their names. It would be wise to do a back ground check on your surgeon to ensure that they have the required qualifications.

They will need to be GMC (general medical council) registered and ideally should be registered as a specialist plastic surgeon. If your surgeon is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Plast), this means that they have past specific exams to prove their competences in plastic surgery. You might also want to see if they are a member of any association such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) or British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS). This will mean that the surgeon will have to work to a minimum standard of safety and training and follow a number of guidelines which will have been designed to ensure your health and comfort as a patient.

At the end of the day, the more experience that a surgeon has with body lift surgery specifically, the better they will be at it. This is because surgery is a very practical skill so the more practice a surgeon has at a given procedure, the more proficient they will be. Look for the number of years of experience your surgeon has in the field of cosmetic surgery as a whole and ask how many years they have been carrying our body lift surgery.  

It would also be worth asking who will be working as your anaesthetist. Many private surgeries will employ NHS qualified anaesthetists but you should check that your surgery has someone qualified who will be monitoring your vitals whilst you are under general anaesthetic for your body lift procedure.

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