Scars from Body Lift Surgery

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It is important to realise that body lift surgery is a relatively invasive procedure involving a large area of the body. This means that it will require an extensive recovery period and result in scaring. The tummy tuck will leave you with a scar around your belly button as well as a scar that curves around the bottom of your abdomen (that is usually hidden under your underwear/swimming costume). Other scar positions will vary depending on the areas of excess skin that you request to be removed. The size and visibility of your scars will depend on numerous things including:

  • the body area that you had lifted (i.e. arms or abdomen)
  • your body’s ability to heal it’s wounds
  • any medical history of keloid (where you suffered from aggressive and unsightly scarring)
  • your current state of health
  • your diet
  • the treatment that you give your wounds (such as rubbing vitamin E cream on them to reduce the visibility of the resulting scars)

Because of all these individual variations, you could have exactly the same procedure as your neighbour but one of you could be left with little visible scarring whilst the other could have permanently raised and unsightly scars running across all the areas that were lifted. This individual variation means that whilst a surgeon may be able to advice you on possible scarring they will not be able to predict exactly how visible your scars will be or what they will look like. Surgeons will try to make the incisions so that any scarring that does remain visible are in relatively inconspicuous areas of the body (i.e. areas that are usually covered by your underwear/bathing suit) but even this could be difficult due to the fact that your skin position could be effected by your underlying bone and organ structure.

If you are prone to scarring, suffer from keloid or the idea of scarring worries you a great deal, you may want to seriously consider whether body lift surgery is the right procedure for you. It would definitely be worth discussing your worries with your surgeon as you may find that you are happier having the body lift surgery scars than having to continue to put up with your excess skin. (This would be particularly likely if you only had a small area of sagging skin or your sagging skin was in areas where the surgeons could plan incisions that would leave scars in relatively inconspicuous areas of your body). Once you have had your procedure, the surgeon will be able to advice you on wound after care so that you can minimise the visibility of your scars.

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