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Things that could go Wrong after Body Lift Surgery

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Once you have returned how, you will need to monitor your own health and wound healing. You should contact your surgeon straight away if you feel that something has happened to your body that could be harmful. This includes:

  • sudden collapse
  • chest pain or palpitations (or any unusual heart beat)
  • becoming short of breath
  • any additional pain that occurs suddenly or is severe
  • wound infection
  • bleeding

It is important that you inform your surgeon in the event of any of these (or any other changes that concern you) occur as they could signify a potentially life threatening occurrence. Your surgeon will probably have briefed you on the numbers that you need to call in an emergency as well as numbers to call if you are simply worried.

It would be better for you to make the call and for it to turn out to be nothing than for you to not make the call and make the condition worse until it required hospitalisation!

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