Getting Rid of the Loose Skin on your Body

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Before considering body lift surgery, a lot of surgeons will suggest that you give your skin some time to see if it will tighten up on its own. The body is an amazing machine and many patients find that in 1-2 years their loose skin has tightened on its own. There are numerous methods suggested to try to encourage your skin to regain its suppleness so that it can tighten. For example many patients will have used daily exfoliation, bathing in salt water or going to the gym to build up muscle mass (to take the place of the fat). It is also thought that soy protein, aloe vera and yeast extract can be taken to increase the amount of collagen and elastin produced by your body (which tightens up the skin). It is also highly recommended to increase the amount of raw food that it eaten (which could also be done as part of your commitment to a healthy diet) because foods like coconut, cucumber and tomato are also thought to tighten your skin.

However, many people will try lots of different methods and treatments for a couple of years and still find that they cannot get rid of their excess skin. At this point, you will probably be seriously considering body lift surgery.

Body lift surgery

Body lift surgery involves going under a general anaesthetic so that a surgeon can literally cut of your excess skin. This may sound like an easier option than those mentioned above, but you should spend a reasonable amount of time considering the pros and cons of this procedure.

Body lift surgery will remove the areas of loose skin that you have (as discussed with your surgeon) but it will also leave you with scarring and the extent of the scarring with vary depending on the areas of skin that you are having removed. The visibility of the scarring will depend on your body’s ability to heal as well as your behaviour (eating habits and commitment to treating your wounds) on recovery from the surgery. Because body lift surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic it also carries a number of potential risks which you will need to consider before undergoing the procedure.

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