Cost of Body Lift Surgery

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Unfortunately there is no set price of a body lift. The cost will increase if you have a larger body size or if you have a lot of sagging skin that you want removed. In addition to this, each surgeon will have a different cost range (depending on the equipment that they use, their expertise, the size of their surgery and their location). In general you should expect to part with at least £5000 for a body lift in the UK although this could vary greatly depending on where you choose to carry out the surgery. For example, you should expect to pay substantially more if you have the procedure done in London compared to other areas of the UK.

Fixed price quotation (in the UK)

At the end of your consultation with the surgeon, you will be given a fixed price quote for your procedure that is based on the discussion that you had about the areas of skin you want removed. This price will include all the costs of the procedure such as the surgeon’s time, anaesthetics, use of surgical equipment, hospital stay and aftercare. Once you have this personal quote from your chosen clinic you will be able to decide whether you want to go ahead with the procedure or get another quote from a different surgeon. If costs are tight it would certainly be worth getting a number of different quotes (especially from clinics that offer free first consultations).

The advantage of being given a fixed price quote that covers the whole procedure is that it means you are able to plan your finances accordingly.

Paying for body lift surgery

You may be able to get your body lift surgery carried out on the NHS, otherwise you will have to pay for your procedure yourself. If you are lucky enough to have the lump sum to do this then this may be a good way to pay for your body lift surgery. It may be wise to do this through a credit card so that you have the piece of mind of the credit card insurance. If you don’t have the money to have, you may want to consider taking out a loan or using a payment plan to spread the cost of the surgery over a number of months. Different clinics will have different policies about payment methods but many have payment plans with various interest rates. If cost is of primary concern then you should be sure to take time to look on surgery websites to find details of the payment plans that they offer. However, you should be aware that you will probably still need to pay a minimum deposit before your procedure is carried out.

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