Reasons for having Body Lift Surgery

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Body lift surgery is used to remove droopy or sagging skin from around your body. Excess skin usually develops as a result of accelerated weight loss and can be unsightly and result in a loss of confidence and quality of life. If you feel that the advantages of removing this skin out-weigh the potential risks and scarring resulting from a body lift procedure then you may want to consider talking to a surgeon about your personal body lift requirements.

Body lift after weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypass or bariatric surgery)

The demand for body lift surgery has recently increased due to more people opting for weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypasses or bariatric surgery). Weight loss surgery is most commonly carried out on patients who are dangerously obese. A gastric bypass involves the surgeon re-routing your intestines to a smaller portion of your stomach and bariatric surgery describes a procedure that reduces the size of your stomach. These procedures cause weight loss by physically reducing that amount of food that the stomach can hold at any time. This results in a period of accelerated weight loss.

The accelerated weight loss caused by these surgical procedures will often leave you with sagging skin in all the areas where you have lost body fat (such as around your stomach). This is because the skin cannot tighten at a fast enough rate to allow it to keep up with the reduction in your body size due to your weight loss. In the majority of cases, you will not be able to remove this excess skin through exercise alone and you may thus opt to speak to a surgeon about body lift surgery.

Body lift surgery after weight loss

Sometimes you can be left with excess skin even if you lose weight using the more traditional method of changing your diet and increasing your exercise. This occurs for the same reason as with weight loss surgery because your skin has not been able to tighten at the same rate as you have managed to lose body fat. If you are currently in this position then congratulations for loosing weight so effectively! This shows a high level of commitment to changing your lifestyle for the better and will be highly commended by any surgeon that you choose to speak to about body lift surgery options.

If you are currently starting a weight loss regime through diet and exercise alone, then take this time to consider reducing your rate of weight loss. Reducing your rate of weight loss will decrease the amount of excess skin that you will be left with because it will give your skin more time to tighten as you loose weight. However, if you are going to lose a large amount of weight you will probably still end up with a certain amount of excess skin as tightening can only go so far.

Body lift surgery for men

Both men and women can suffer from areas of sagging skin produced due to fast weight loss. There is a growing demand for body lift surgery to be carried out on men as the cosmetic demands of the two sexes equalise and men become more concerned about their looks. Body lift surgery is the same for men and women. However men and women may find that they have sagging skin in different areas due to the natural differences in the arrangement of fat around male and female bodies.

The information contained in this guide applies to both men and women.  

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