Bruising after a Brow Lift

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Bruising though outwardly shocking is a natural reaction by the body to heal itself, and the changing colours which are often vivid is due to the release of hormones in the blood which are used to absorb the released haemoglobin in the area.

The amount, and the severity of bruising after a brow lift surgery is reliant upon the type of surgery you chose to have. While a more traumatic operation like the hairline brow lift leaves greater bruising, covering a larger area, the endoscopic brow lift leaves far less, because it covers a far smaller area.

In the case of mid-forehead and hairline brow lift variants the postoperative bruising is quite severe and can last up to a month. After this pain subsides it is likely that the area just below the hairline (where the sutures were made) will become numb, and you are unlikely to regain any feeling there.

For surgeries that concentrate closer to the ocular area, for example a direct brow lift or a transblepharoplasty, though less in actual amount, bruising will appear harsher and more severe, this is simply because the skin around your eyes bruises far easier, and in a prominently dark fashion.

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