Endoscopic Brow Lift

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An improved and updated form of the open brow lift procedure is the endoscopic brow lift. This operation is used for patients with moderate brow ptosis, often combined with a upper lid blepharoplasty, because the same incision can be used for both.

The surgeon will usually make five incisions, three over the top, and two around the temple area. Using an endoscopic telescope the surgeon will inspect and then release tissue and muscle above the eyebrow to lift it into place, and tighten, internally, the skin around the forehead. As well as lifting the tissue around the eyebrow and inside the forehead, other sutures can be made around the hairline to lift your eyebrows, or an Endotine can be fixed along the hairline incisions for the same results. During recovery the skin will naturally form over these to retain the postoperative position.

Unlike other procedures the endoscopic brow lift does not require large, noticeable incisions or excisions to be made in prominent places. Instead small hole-like cuts are used to insert the endoscope and tools to cut and release the internal tissue. As long as your hairline is healthy and your hair has not begun to thin drastically these incisions are completely hidden.

Post-Operative Care

After the surgery is completed, dressings will be placed over the forehead and left on overnight while you recover in hospital. These are usually removed the next morning, and the sutures and staples or removed around two weeks later, on a return visit.

An endoscopic brow lift takes around two hours to complete and can cost in the region of £2500 including anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital to recover.

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