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Drooping and sunken eyebrows are as much a problem for men as they are for women, but men’s eyebrows being lower to their eyes to begin with, makes the movement downwards considerably worse. Men’s foreheads and brows are more commonly affected by wrinkles and furrows than women’s and as such, eyebrow lift surgery is become more popular. A brow lift can combat both sagging eyebrows and the ageing signs of frown lines and wrinkles.

Physical Problems of Brow Sagging

While for women sagging eyebrows can cause a most cosmetic problem, in men this too can be combined with physical problems, such as the covering of part of the pupil and thus visual impairment. Because of this eyebrow surgery is a good way for men to revive their youthful appearance while countering the physical side-effects of drooping eyebrows.

The Difference Between Men & Women

Some surgeries are more suitable to men then women. For example men, whose hair recedes far earlier than women’s, are not likely to be recommended a hairline brow lift, because the scarring caused will be highly visible. Often an endoscopic brow lift is preferable for male patients as the scarring will be well hidden within their hairline.

Other factors need to be taken into account when men are candidates for eyebrow lifts. While women’s brows are curved, arched and higher up on their faces, men’s are usually flat and low down. A surgeon must therefore treat male cases differently, to avoid making the eyebrow feminine, and to keep it naturally, and relatively low down.

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