Direct Brow Lift

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A direct brow lift requires the removal and repositioning of skin above the eyebrow to tighten the skin around the forehead, it is a relatively simple operation and the oldest used to combat sagging eyebrows. A direct brow lift is commonly used in older patients with more accentuated ptosis, thus requiring a more radical approach to help fight the signs of ageing. The surgeon will mark off the area just above the eyebrow to be removed, itself in the shape of a brow, and using a scalpel cuts away the loose skin. The closer the surgeon can get to the eyebrow the greater control they will have over the final shape. During the operation the surgeon will take measurements of the area they are working on to ensure the brow lift is even, and to correct any natural lopsidedness. Once finished the surgeon will stitch and pin up the excision, antibiotic ointment will be applied to the area around the suture and a dressing will be placed around the forehead and eyes.

Though this operation can leave a visible scar above the eyebrow this is often covered and camouflaged by any natural skin creases in the forehead. For this reason the direct brow lift is also recommended to those with bushier eyebrows, whose hair will likely grow over the excision and hide it.

Post-Operative Care

After the operation is completed your wound will be dressed and an antibiotic ointment applied to stop any infection.

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