Hairline or Open Brow Lift

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During a hairline brow lift the surgeon will make an incision along or just above your hairline from ear to ear. This excess skin is then removed and the skin is either pinned or stitched back into place, thus tightening it and raising the eyebrows over the forehead. Though considered by some as a rather radical and outdated procedure the open brow lift may still be useful for people with severe brow ptosis.

An open brow lift can leave an extensive scar across your forehead, hence why it is carried out behind the hairline, for some the scar can be camouflaged by other creases in the forehead, and thus be hardly noticeable. Such factors as skin wrinkling and the size of your furrows may make this type of operation more preferable to your surgeon, who will take into account the scars an open brow lift will leave behind before going ahead with the surgery.

The discernible advantage of the open brow lift is the fact that it allows the surgeon to remove a considerable amount of skin, without affecting the overall appearance, and thus raise the eyebrows more noticeably than any other form of procedure.

Post-Operative Care

An open brow lift procedure takes around one and a half hours to complete and is conducted under a general anaesthetic, requiring the patient to stay in hospital overnight to fully recover. It is more expensive than other surgeries simply because of the time it takes to complete and the amount of work needed to be done by the surgeon. After the surgery your wound will be dressed with a bandage, and ice will be used to stop the swelling.

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