Brow Lifts as a Cure for Migraines & Headaches

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Uncomfortable and often excruciating migraines or headaches can be the result of stress, the weather, medication or your hormones, and affect the nerves and muscles in your forehead, and around the eyes, which commonly leads to a sufferer rubbing those areas.

During such brow lift surgeries as the endoscopic, mid-forehead and hairline variants the surgeon will often cut away and repair muscles in the forehead and around the eyes. Removal of small segments of these muscles is required when later pulling the eyebrows upwards and in the removal and stretching of the skin over the forehead.

A direct result of muscle removal and repair is that sufferers of migraines and headaches notice their severity and likeliness reduces considerably. The usual pain and contraction of these muscles can become lessened due to their size reduction, meaning the severity of the compression is reduced. The same result may be found with Botox injections, which will paralyse those same muscles stopping them, in the few months that the Botox is in action, from contracting and causing pain in the forehead.

Though study is still ongoing as to the exact long term impact of such surgery upon migraines and headaches, the results and testimonies of successful patients is an encouraging sign. For those already considering a brow lift for cosmetic reasons, it may come as a surprise that such a positive physical attribute can be gained at the same time.

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