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Internal brow fixation is often combined with upper lid blepharoplasty, utilising the same incision in the upper eyelid. A small implant called an Endotine is placed inside this incision and affixed to the bone using a small drill, effectively lifting the eyebrow away from the ocular area. The implant stays in place with small projected claws onto the bone and dissolves within a 9 month period, throughout which it can be felt but not seen. For some procedures a suture is preferred over an implant, in which case the skin will be pinned in place to tighten the eyelid, and lift the eyebrow.

A transblepharoplasty can be preformed under local anaesthetic in one day, and allows for quick healing and leaves no visible scarring. An anti-wrinkle injection is given to the patient around three weeks after the operation has taken place to produce the desired effect of the surgery.

Post-Operative Care

After completion of the surgery a dressing will be placed over the eyes and forehead for about thirty minutes, this helps to reduce swelling. Antibiotic gel is applied to the wounds on the eyelids to stop infection. After this period the dressings are removed and a cold pack is placed over the eyes and forehead to help the healing process.

The cost of a transblepharoplasty on its own is in the region of £3000, while combined with blepharoplasty it can cost around £4000. While relatively expensive then, transblephaoplasty leaves fewer scars and requires less incisions than comparative surgeries.

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