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Many people in the UK are choosing to go abroad to undergo cosmetic surgery. They are attracted by the low costs and the thought of a medical holiday. Whilst going abroad for surgery can be a success, there are many risks associated with it.

Reasons to Go Abroad for Cosmetic Surgery

The main reason to go abroad for cosmetic surgery is that it costs a lot less than it would in the UK. This means that surgery that would be unaffordable in the UK is achievable.

Another reason for which some people go abroad for cosmetic surgery is to use their time off work to have both a holiday and to get surgery. However, the idea that you can have a medical holiday can be misleading as you will not be able to enjoy your holiday during the recovery period.

Cost of Chin Reduction Surgery Abroad

Depending on where you go for your surgery, chin reduction surgery abroad can be up to 70 % cheaper than it is in the UK. Whilst countries in Europe offer, only minimal savings going to countries further away with a less stable economy can offer huge savings. However, it is important to bear in mind that chin reduction surgery can be extremely dangerous if not performed correctly.

You should also bear in mind that there are often additional costs to chin reduction surgery abroad. With the price of flights ever on the increase, these can add a huge sum to the cost of your holiday, particularly if you are flying a long distance to take advantage of cheap surgery.

There are also other costs to consider such as the costs of accommodation and food whilst you are abroad. You will need to find high quality accommodation to give you the best chance of recovering quickly after your surgery.

Medical Tourist Packages

When opting to undergo chin reduction surgery abroad, many people chose to buy a ‘package deal’. These offers are a low- hassle way of arranging for your surgery. They often include:

  • Flights
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • The surgery
  • After care

Whilst these packages can be good, it is important that you purchase one from a reliable supplier with a good reputation. You should avoid places that sell chin reduction surgery as a holiday, as this is a very lighthearted approach to a serious operation. You should also research the company before you make any decisions. You should search the internet for reviews and complaints to ensure that they are providing a high standard.

Precautions to Take When Having Chin Reduction Surgery Abroad

If you decide to have chin reduction surgery abroad, there are several precautions that you should take to ensure that you are safe. The most important of these is to inform someone of what you are planning on doing. Although this may be difficult it is important that at least one responsible person is aware of where you will be and why. You should give them all of the details of your chin reduction surgery including:

  • When the surgery will be
  • Where you are staying
  • The name and address of the surgery
  • Contact details for the surgery and the hotel
  • When you expect to return

Where possible you should arrange to speak to this person on a regular basis so that they can ensure that you are safe.

You should also try to ensure that the surgery that you are going to provides the same standard of care as you would receive in the UK. The only way to do this is to read online reports and reviews.

Finally, where possible you should use a firm, which has a consultation centre in the UK. This will give you a point of contact if you experience any complications once you have returned.

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