What to Expect from Chin Reduction Surgery

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Before undergoing any form of surgery, it is important that you know what to expect from it. Chin reduction surgery is no exception to this rule. It is important that your expectations are reasonable, whether they are surrounding the results of the surgery, the procedure itself, or the recovery process.

Finding Out What to Expect from Chin Reduction Surgery

There are many ways to find out what to expect from chin reduction surgery. The best way to do this is to ask your surgeon during the consultation. You will need to know:

  • What chin reduction surgery involves
  • How you will need to prepare for chin reduction surgery
  • What results you can achieve from chin reduction surgery
  • The likelihood of any complications and risks
  • What to expect during the recovery process
  • The amount of pain that you will experience as a result of chin reduction surgery

As well as asking your surgeon about these things, you may also wish to know what other patients have to say about the process. It can be extremely helpful to get the experiences of people who have been through chin reduction surgery as it gives you a more personal account of what to expect. However, you should ensure that you use a wide range of sources to ensure that the information that you get is reliable and accurate.

What to Expect Before Chin Reduction Surgery

Before your chin reduction surgery, you can expect to receive information about the precautions you will have to take, to minimise the chance of complications. This information may be given to you as part of your consultation with the surgeon, or it may be sent to you either through the post or electronically at a later date. The information is likely to include the following instructions:

  • What to eat and drink prior to the surgery
  • To stop smoking for two weeks prior to the surgery
  • Whether or not to take vitamins, minerals, and certain medications before your surgery

It is important that you follow the advice given to you by the surgeon as it is designed to make your surgery as simple and risk free as possible.

What to Expect During Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic. You are likely to be under the anaesthetic for between one and three hours depending on the complexity of your surgery. After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery ward where you will be monitored to ensure that you have come round from the anaesthetic without any problems. You will then be taken to the normal ward where you will stay overnight. If all goes well it is very likely that you will return home the following day.

What to Expect After Chin Reduction Surgery

Immediately after your chin reduction surgery, you are likely to experience numbness around your lower face. This will last for a few days, as will the effect of the anaesthetic, which can leave you feeling drowsy. After your chin reduction surgery, you will also suffer swelling and bruising around your face and chin. This will last for about two weeks and will make moving your mouth to eat, speak, or yawn uncomfortable. You can expect to return to work after two weeks of recovery at home. You will need to avoid contact with your face for up to six weeks after your surgery.

What Results to Expect from Chin Reduction Surgery

The results that you can expect from chin reduction surgery will vary greatly depending on what you wish to achieve. As long as you were open with your surgeon about what your expectations were, it is likely that you will get the results that you agreed upon together. This usually means that there will be a harmony between your facial features giving you a balanced look that is pleasing to the eye.

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