Alternatives to Chin Reduction Surgery

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If you are unable to have chin reduction surgery, or you do not want to take the risk, there are other options, which could improve your situation.

Liposuction for Chin Reduction

As well as being used to remove the pocket of fat beneath the chin, liposuction can be used to reshape the chin itself. This is a less invasive way of reducing the size of your chin, which carries fewer risks than chin reduction surgery. Incisions can be made around your chin for the cannula to be inserted. The tumescent technique, in which a special fluid is inserted into your chin to prevent discomfort of blood loss, or the vaser technique, in which ultrasonic waves are used to break down the fat cells, are most commonly used for liposuction in this area.

During the procedure, you are likely to be placed under a general anaesthetic, although a local anaesthetic may be used. Small incisions will be made at which point either the fluid or the ultrasonic waves will be used. The cannula will then be used to break down the fat in the tumescent procedure. If the vaser procedure is being used the cannula will be used to remove the broken down fat from your chin. If the tumescent procedure is used the cannula will remove most of the broken down fat and fluid, but a small drain may be necessary to remove any excess fluid after the procedure.

Liposuction can be used to reshape the tissue around the chin. Whilst this is not considered to be as effective as chin reduction surgery, it can achieve enough to improve your appearance with much less discomfort.

Botox as an Alternative to Chin Reduction Surgery

Although it is not a common use of Botox, some people believe that by injecting the haw with Botox can make the chin appear more feminine. This is because the injections can be used to weaken the muscle in the jaw. This can cause the jaw to slacken giving it a softer curve. It is believed that if this treatment is repeated regularly the action of certain muscles can be paralysed causing them to become smaller due to long- term disuse.

This option may be a suitable alternative to chin reduction surgery if you are unable to undergo the surgery. However, it is a short- term fix, which will require repeat procedures. This means that the costs treatment can be unlimited. Botox also carries its own complications and can cause paralysis of the jaw, which could be worse than your original problem.

Alternatives to Chin Reduction Surgery to Correct a Dental Malocclusion

If you have a dental malocclusion, or overbite, and are unable, or unwilling, to undergo chin reduction surgery, there may be other options to treat your issue. You may be able to improve your dental malocclusion with braces alone. This can help to realign your jaw without surgery. Whilst your chin will still be a prominent feature after you have, had your braces removed the problems caused by your overbite are likely to be improved. This is an option for those who are unable to undergo surgery. It also has the bonus of being free of charge and carries very few risks, as it does not involve any surgery.

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