Reasons to Have Chin Reduction Surgery

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There are a number of reasons for which you may consider chin reduction surgery. Each of these reasons should be carefully considered before you make the decision to actually undergo the surgery. It is important that you do this to make sure that chin reduction surgery is what you want and that it can provide you with the results that you desire.

Cosmetic Reasons to Have Chin Reduction Surgery

There are many cosmetic reasons for which you may decide to have chin reduction surgery. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your face, it may be that by reducing the size of your chin you will be able to improve your appearance and thus give you more confidence in yourself.

One cosmetic reason for having chin reduction surgery is that your chin juts out from your face. This can make you feel unattractive, as your chin is prominent due to the fact that it is further forward than you would like it to be. This can be helped by chin reduction surgery as by sculpting your chin to make it smaller will stop it from protruding your face. This can have an immense benefit to your overall appearance by removing the harshness of your chin to give your face a more balanced look.

Another cosmetic reason for having a chin reduction is that you believe that your chin is excessively large. Your chin may not necessarily jut out from your face, but you may still feel that it is too large in relation to other features on your face. Chin reduction surgery can help to improve this by making your chin smaller so that it is in proportion with the rest of your face.

A final cosmetic reason for chin reduction surgery is that you may have had other facial surgery such as a nose job or a facelift and feel that this has highlighted your chin. If you feel that other cosmetic surgeries have resulted in your chin looking out of place, chin reduction surgery may be an option. However, you should try to avoid the vicious cycle, which some people find themselves in, of undergoing multiple surgeries because you feel that each one highlights another imperfection. If you do wish to make your chin align with your other surgeries better chin reduction surgery can do so by reducing the size of your chin so that it fits with your other features.

Medical Reasons for Chin Reduction Surgery

As well as cosmetic reasons to undergo chin reduction surgery, there are also medical reasons for which it may help you. For example if you have an overbite, or dental malocclusion, it may be medically necessary for you to have chin reduction surgery if other dental techniques are not sufficient to relieve your discomfort.

Another medical reason for undergoing chin reduction surgery is if you struggle to eat due to the fact that your jaw is misaligned as a result of your chin. By reshaping the jaw line through chin reduction surgery you will be able to eat normally thus improving your everyday life.

Another reason to undergo chin surgery, which may be considered a medical reason, is if the appearance of your chin is causing you emotional and mental distress. If you are unable to accept your appearance as a result of your chin, reduction surgery may be beneficial in helping you to improve your mental well- being. By undergoing surgery, you may be able to improve your self- esteem and confidence and dramatically improve your happiness.

Unsuitable Reasons to Undergo Chin Reduction Surgery

Although there are many reasons for which you may consider chin reduction surgery there are also some negative reasons that may make you feel pressurised into undergoing the procedure. You should never undergo any form of cosmetic surgery for the benefit of someone else. If you feel that someone, such as your partner, is pressurising you into chin reduction surgery, you should carefully consider the effect that it may have on your life. If you do not have a problem with your appearance, you should never alter it for someone else’s sake. This could leave you extremely unhappy after having gone through painful surgery, which has elements of risk.

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