Chin Reduction Surgery for Women

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People often see chin reduction surgery as a male form of cosmetic surgery because it is more common for men to have a chin which juts out. However more and more women are beginning to undergo the surgery in an attempt to acquire their vision of a feminine chin.

Appearance of the Feminine Chin

Although the chin may seem like a minor feature when it comes to femininity, women are becoming increasingly concerned with the appearance of their chin. People have an image of the feminine chin and undergo chin reduction surgery in an attempt to achieve this.

The feminine chin is considered to be dainty and soft, bringing the face to a rounded point. It is thought that a female chin should be much shorter than a male chin and should be perfectly proportioned to the other features, especially the nose. A chin which juts out is perceived to be unattractive on a woman.

Reasons for Female Chin Reduction Surgery

The main reason for which women decide to undergo chin reduction surgery is to cosmetically enhance their face. The aim of this is usually to achieve a more feminine appearance by altering features of the chin, which are seen to be masculine such as having a square chin. By undergoing a horizontal chin reduction women can narrow their chin making it less dominant and can also make it more rounded by having the tip reshaped.

Other women decide to undergo chin reduction surgery because they believe that they have a ‘witches chin’. This is where the chin juts out of the face and is seen to be too pointed. A vertical chin reduction can alter this by shortening the chin so that it sits in line with the face.

Another reason for which women undergo chin reduction surgery is that they feel that their face lacks balance as a result of an excessively large chin. They feel that their chin is too large in comparison with their other facial features and thus seek to alter its size to achieve facial harmony. This is often the case when women undergo other cosmetic surgery. For example when some women undergo a nose job to reduce the size of their nose, they often find that this makes their chin appear disproportionately large. A horizontal chin reduction is used to reduce the size of the chin so that it fits in with the other facial features.

How Chin Reduction Surgery Can Make a Chin Appear More Feminine

Many women successfully achieve a more feminine appearance through chin reduction surgery. The two methods of chin reduction surgery can both be used to achieve balance and femininity.

Horizontal chin reduction surgery can be used to make the chin appear narrower and more rounded, giving the face a softer feminine appearance. The tip of the chin is resized and reshaped outside of the face. Medical burrs are used to sculpture the tip of the chin into a more feminine shape and any excess bone is removed. The muscles and soft tissues are then moulded to your new chin completely altering your appearance. The incisions are closed with small stitches and will not be visible once you have recovered from your surgery.

Another way in which chin reduction surgery can feminise your face is through a vertical chin reduction. This can reduce the length of your chin preventing it from jutting out from your face. Many women use this to give their face a more rounded and feminine look. During the surgery the surgeon shortens your chin by removing some of the bone at the centre of your chin. They then shorten the muscles so that your chin is smaller and droop free. There will be no visible scarring as the incision is made inside of your mouth.

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