Chin Reduction Surgery for Men

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Chin reduction surgery was originally intended as a male cosmetic surgery. It can be used to reduce the size of your chin and prevent it from jutting out from your face. This can give your face a much less harsh appearance and give a sense of balance amongst your facial features.

Reasons for Male Chin Reduction Surgery

Whereas women tend to have chin reduction surgery to appear more feminine, men usually have it to give more balance to their features because they feel that their chin is too prominent on their face. It can be used to narrow the chin and to stop it from protruding your face.

Many men chose to undergo chin reduction surgery because their jaw is too large making the face appear to be much thicker and larger than it is. This corrected using horizontal chin reduction surgery to make the chin narrower so that it fits in with the rest of the face. By narrowing the chin, you can make your entire face appear balanced and softer.

Others undergo chin reduction surgery because their chin juts out from their face. This can make the chin appear harsh and can be unattractive as it draws the eye away from the rest of the face. In order to correct, this some men undergo a vertical chin reduction, which reduces the length of the chin preventing it from sticking out as much.

Some people undergo chin reduction surgery as part of a gender change. This is a more complex operation as it involves completely reshaping the chin and jaw line to give a male face a much more feminine appearance. This is usually achieved as part of a face feminization package during which the face, neck, eyes, and jaw are operated on to give the face a female appearance. The chin will be reshaped from a masculine square shape to a rounded and softer shape. This will involve the removal of excess bone and the sculpturing of the jaw using a burr.

How Chin Reduction Surgery Can Improve the Appearance of the Male Chin

The same procedures, which are used to correct the female chin and jaw line are also used to correct the male face. The only difference is the shape that the surgeon is attempting to create when he performs chin reduction surgery.

One way in which the male chin can be improved is through a horizontal chin reduction surgery. This involves removing the tip of the chin so that excess bone can be removed and the chin can be reshaped. The bone is removed to make the chin appear narrower and shorter and the chin is then shaped to give a square jaw line. Once the masculine shape has been achieved the muscle and tissue is reshaped so that it fits your new chin without sagging. The incisions that were created inside your mouth and under your chin are then closed with stitches. The scars left by these incisions will not be visible after your recovery.

A vertical chin reduction can also be used to improve your appearance. This surgery involves removing some of the bone from the centre of your chin. This shortens the chin, which prevents it from jutting out of your face and will improve your appearance if your face has an elongated appearance. The surgeon will also shorten the muscles so that they are the correct size for your chin. The incision, which is made inside your mouth will then be closed with stitches and will not be visible once it has healed.

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