Chin Reduction Surgery for Children

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Although some children are born with birth defects that make the chin excessively large, or make it jut out, it is very rare for chin reduction surgery to be performed on them. Although this can be frustrating, as appearance can be extremely important to children, it is not often possible to operate on the jaw until it has reached near adult size.

Reasons Children Can Need Chin Reduction Surgery

Some children are born with a birth defect, which causes the chin to develop much quicker than other areas of the body. This means that when they are born their chin is excessively large in relation to their other facial features. This can be extremely difficult for a child to live with, particularly when they begin to attend school, as other children can be cruel regarding physical appearance.

Other children can be born with a defect, which causes the chin to jut out from the face. This makes the face appear elongated and unwanted attention is drawn to the chin and jaw line. Although chin reduction surgery can correct this, it is rarely possible, especially in young children.

Both of these problems can cause discomfort and abnormalities when it comes to eating and speaking. This is because the jaws do not meet correctly giving the child a dental malocclusion, or an overbite.

Reasons Why Children Rarely Have Chin Reduction Surgery

Cosmetic surgery will not be performed on children by respectable doctors. This is because surgery, which is used primarily to improve the appearance, is seen to be unhealthy and unnecessary in children. However with surgeries such as chin reduction surgery, which can be used for medical reasons it seems cruel that the operation will not be performed on children.

However, there are important medical reasons for which chin reduction surgery cannot be performed on a child. As the jaw and chin are still developing, it is impossible to know how the surgery will be affected. If the chin continues to grow and develop after surgery this could cause complications leading to worse problems than those caused by the chin in the first place.

It is also the case that your teeth have to be properly aligned before you can undergo chin reduction surgery to correct an overbite. This is not possible in children before all of their adult teeth have come through. Aligning milk teeth and performing surgery would cause problems in the future. This is because when the adult teeth begin to come through it is likely that they will cause the jaw to become unaligned again as they will take up much more room. This would result in the need for further surgeries, which would become a complicated and painful process.

Cases in Which Chin Reduction Surgery is Possible for Children

There are very few cases in which chin reduction surgery will be carried out on a child. However, in some circumstances it may be possible. This is usually the case where the jaw and teeth have developed enough, so that any further development would not complicate the results of the surgery. As such when chin reduction surgery is carried out on children, it is usually when they are in their late teenage years.

Chin reduction surgery may also be possible in children where their chin is causing serious medical problems. The advantages and disadvantages of surgery have to be carefully weighed up by your local doctor, the parents, or guardians of the child, and the surgeon who would perform the operation. If all, agree that surgery would be the best option it is possible that it would be performed.

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