Chin Reduction Surgery with Rhinoplasty

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Combining a chin reduction with a rhinoplasty, or nose job, is becoming increasingly common. This is as a result of the fact that many people after having had either one of the surgeries begin to notice that the other feature appears much larger and out of place on the face.

Reasons for Combining Chin Reduction Surgery with a Rhinoplasty

People decide to undergo chin reduction surgery, or a rhinoplasty because they feel that either their chin or their nose is out of balance with the other features on their face. In order to correct this they reduce the size of the offending feature. However, people often realize that in reducing one of the features they draw unwanted attention to the other feature. If you want to avoid doing this, it is worth discussing a combination of chin reduction surgery and a rhinoplasty with your surgeon. They may advise you against this especially if one of your features is dramatically smaller than the other. On the other hand, it may be recommended that you go ahead with both treatments to create a harmony between the features.

It is likely that both treatments will be performed in one session. A rhinoplasty and a chin reduction surgery are similar in the techniques used to restructure the bone. This means that many surgeons are able to perform both treatments. If this is not the case, two surgeons will work on your chin and nose during the procedure.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

A rhinoplasty is used to reshape the nose making it smaller and more even. This can be used to correct a birth defect, injury, or an aged nose to give your face a more balanced appearance. A rhinoplasty can be used to:

  • Reduce the size of the nose
  • Correct flared nostrils
  • Change the tip of your nose
  • Change the shape of your nose
  • Hide damage previously done to your nose
  • Improve airflow through your nostrils
  • Straighten your nose

When used in combination with chin reduction surgery the main purpose of a rhinoplasty is usually to reduce the size of your nose so that it creates a balance with your smaller chin. It may also be used to straighten a nose so that facial harmony can be created.

Where the incisions for a rhinoplasty are placed depends greatly upon the complexity of your surgery. If you only want your nose to be reduced slightly a closed rhinoplasty can be performed. During this procedure, the surgeon works from the inside of your nose meaning that there is not likely to be any external scarring. If you want a more dramatic decrease, it is likely that an open rhinoplasty would be more suitable. During this operation, the surgeon will work internally and externally. Incisions are usually made on the bridge, which connects your nostrils although they can be made elsewhere if necessary. This is most often used if you want improvements that are more dramatic and if you wish to correct flared nostrils.

Once the incisions have been made, the surgeon will begin to work on altering the size and shape of your nose. The skin and soft tissue will be removed from the bone and cartilage that forms the structure of the nose. This will then be resized or shaped using a surgical burr, which allows the surgeon to sculpt your nose. Once the desired shape has been achieved, the skin will be reattached to the structure of your nose and sutured in place. A splint will then be applied to your nose to keep it in position as it is healing.

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