Procedure for Chin Reduction Surgery

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With any surgery, the procedure often varies depending on both the patient and the surgeon. This is the case in chin reduction surgery, as the results that you desire have an impact on the way that the surgeon must operate. There are two basic procedures for chin reduction surgery, although individual surgeons may vary slightly in their technique.

First Steps of Chin Reduction Surgery

The first steps of any surgery are the same, as they involve preparing you for the surgery and ensuring that you are fit to be operated on. You will be monitored to check that your vitals are stable and that you are not too anxious about the procedure. Once you are certified as being fit to undergo the surgery you will be taken to a pre- operative ward, where you will be given the general anaesthetic. You will be taken to the operating theatre once the anaesthetic has taken effect and your chin reduction surgery will then begin.

Procedure for a Horizontal Chin Reduction Surgery

A horizontal chin reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of the chin making it narrower and shorter. It also allows the surgeon to change the shape of your chin.

The surgery will begin with the surgeon making small incisions inside your mouth and underneath your chin so that they can access the bone. The scarring will not be visible once you have healed as the incisions are hidden within natural contours of your face.

The tip of your chin will be removed from your face so that the surgeon can resize and reshape the area. The excess bone will be removed and discarded of and the surgeon will sculpt your chin into the desirable shape using a medical burr. The tip of your chin will then be reattached using wires and metal shapes.

Once the tip of your chin is in place the muscle and soft tissue will be moulded to the shape of your new chin. This will involve shortening the muscles so that they are not slack. The incisions will be closed with small stitches and a chin pressure dressing will be applied. This is often removed within twenty- four hours, although this will depend on your healing process and the decision of your surgeon.

Procedure for a Vertical Chin Reduction Surgery

A vertical chin reduction surgery is used to reduce the length of your chin in order to prevent it from jutting out from your face. It will begin when the surgeon makes one single incision inside your mouth, where it will not be seen once the surgery is complete.

Unlike the procedure for a horizontal chin reduction surgery, a vertical chin reduction is performed without removing the tip of the chin from your face. Instead of this the surgeon shortens your chin by removing one section of bone from the centre of your chin. This is done without removing the surrounding tissue and thus is less likely to cause numbness or trauma. When part of your chin has been removed the upper and lower sections are joined to each other with a metal plate. The muscle is then shortened to prevent it from becoming slack around your shortened chin. The incisions will be closed and a chin pressure dressing applied to your face. This will be removed at the digression of the surgeon.

Post- Operative Procedure

As with the pre- operative procedure, the post- operative procedure remains unchanged whatever the surgery you undergo. You will be taken to a recovery ward and monitored as you wake up from the anaesthetic. If there were any minor complications during your surgery, such as a change in blood pressure, or dehydration, these will be addressed with medication. You will be asked to give your name and date of birth, and providing that you can do this you will be allowed to go back to sleep and will be taken to a normal ward.

In the other ward you will be monitored overnight to ensure that you are not going to have any adverse reactions. Once it has been determined that you are over the operation a doctor will examine you to make sure that you are fit to go home. You will need to arrange to get a lift home as you will still be drowsy from the anaesthetic. This groggy feeling can last for several days after your surgery during which time you will require more sleep and relaxation than normal.

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