Financing the Additional Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

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When choosing finance for cosmetic surgery it is important that you know how much it is going to cost you beyond the cost of the actual surgery. Many clinics offer an all inclusive package in their quotation making the cost of surgery more clear to you. However even if this is the case there you will still find extra costs. You may need to travel some distance to and from the clinic. You will also need to take time off work after the surgery, which could lose you money if you do not use paid holiday. It is important that you know the exact cost of your surgery and how much you will pay for it by the time you have made your final payment.

What are you paying for?

Before applying for funding for your cosmetic surgery it is vital that you know what the fee you were quoted actually pays for. There are additional costs to surgery beyond paying the surgeon to complete it. You may have to pay for your consultation with the surgeon, as it is recommended that you have at least two of these before undergoing surgery this can add a small but unexpected amount to your final bill.

There are also other considerations to make. Does your quotation include after care? There is more to cosmetic surgery than the surgery itself. It can take weeks before you are able to go to work, months before you feel normal and sometimes over a year for the scarring to go down. Throughout this whole period, your surgeon should be available to help you. If this is not included in your initial quotation, you should find out the additional cost, as you will also need to fund this as part of your surgery.

Additional costs to cosmetic surgery

There may also be materials that you need as a result of your surgery. You may need to change your dressings regularly and you old clothes may no longer fit you. Whilst you cannot expect the clinic to pay for your new wardrobe, you should find out whether they will provide the dressings and if not what they will cost you. Another additional cost may be medication. You will probably need pain medication for weeks after the surgery and should find out whether this will be provided by the clinic. These may seem like small costs but they can all add up making your surgery a lot more expensive than you first thought.

The additional costs of these items may mean that you need to apply for more financing than you originally believed that you would. This may change the type of financing that you chose, as you may need a flexible level of finance. If this is the case than the ideal thing to do is to borrow more money through either a credit card or a loan than you need to pay for the surgery. You can always pay back anything you do not spend as soon as you know that there will be no additional costs.

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