Paying for Cosmetic Surgery with a Loan or Credit Card

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Credit cards and loans offer you the opportunity to pay for cosmetic surgery immediately rather than waiting to save up enough. You could combine these with savings if you are able to pay part of the cost upfront. For those who are unable to pay upfront for cosmetic surgery loans or credit cards can provide a long-term solution. It is important that before considering this you assess whether you will be able to make the repayments. Failure to do so will lead to additional fees and increased interest. You should carefully consider the amount of interest that you could end up paying on credit cards or loans before considering them a viable option. Thousands of pounds in interest could be added to the cost of your surgery leaving you with a debt that you cannot afford to pay. However if you have a good credit rating and a reasonable income it is possible to fund your surgery with relatively little interest. You should consult websites where it is possible to compare interest rates on both loans and credit cards so that you get you cosmetic surgery for as little as possible.

Credit cards

Credit cards can be an easy way to manage the costs of surgery. The best option would be to get a card with 0% interest on purchases for a fixed amount of time. However in order to pay no interest you would either have to pay the balance by the time this is over or transfer the remaining debt to a card with 0% on balance transfers. In doing this, it is possible to delay paying the full amount of surgery for years without having to pay interest. However, in order to obtain credit cards with a large allowance and 0% interest you need to have an excellent credit rating and a high income.

Another option would be to get a credit card with a fixed low rate interest level. This would increase the price of surgery but would allow you more flexibility on the repayment. These would also require you to have a high income to achieve a large balance and you would need a good credit rating.

Credit cards for people with a low credit rating

If you have a poor credit rating high interest cards are an option, however this would mean paying large amounts of interest on top of the cost of surgery making them a short-term solution at best. It is also unlikely that you would be able to borrow enough money for your surgery on a high interest card meaning that you would have to either use multiple cards or have another source of money.

Personal loans

Personal loans often have lower interest than the average credit card and can be paid over a longer period of time. The best thing to do is to speak to an adviser about what loans you would be eligible for and the amount of interest that you would pay on them. You may be able to borrow more money on your mortgage to fund your cosmetic surgery but you must think about whether you can afford higher repayments.

Loans designed for cosmetic surgery

Some companies offer specialist loans designed for cosmetic surgery. These are often available if you have a poor credit history however they tend to have very high interest rates, which could cause you to pay thousands of pounds more for your surgery than the original cost.

Overall borrowing money for cosmetic surgery offers a long-term payment plan which means that you can get surgery without having to save up for years in advance. This makes it the preferred option for the majority of people and could be ideal if you are able to get low interest loans or credit cards.

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