Cheaper Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery

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If you are unable to finance cosmetic surgery, there are less expensive alternatives, which could provide you with a better-looking face or body. The cheapest out of these options is exercise. Whilst it may seem time consuming or hard work combined with a healthy diet regular exercise cannot only improve the appearance of your body but can improve the way that you feel in yourself. If you want targeted exercise then the best option is to see a personal trainer who can give you a work out regime depending on the part of your body that you want to improve. There are also facial exercises that you can do to tone your facial muscles, which can limit signs of aging in later life.

Cheap home alternatives to cosmetic surgery

If exercise is not for you or you do not have time for it there are other options available. Facial creams and packs can reduce swelling around the eyes and leave the skin softer and younger looking. Anti wrinkle creams, moisturise the skin making wrinkles appear less defined and encourage skin production to fill in wrinkles. Prices vary depending on the brand of cream and where you purchase it and effects may not be noticeable for weeks. Cover up makeup can also be used to hide blemishes and stretch marks cheaper than surgery. Control clothing does not physically change your body, worn under clothing but it can change your appearance giving you more confidence and allowing you to wear clothes that you would not normally consider.

Chemical alternatives to cosmetic surgery

If you are looking for a physically changing option, there are still cheaper alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Botox can offer you a smoother face for three to four months by relaxing the muscles into which it is injected. The cost varies depending on where you go but is around £200 per treatment area on average. A chemical peel is another non-surgical way of improving your face. This peels away the top layers of the skin reducing wrinkles, blemishes, and sun damage. The cost varies from around £60 for mild peels to £600 for more advanced peels. These are can be temporary to permanent depending on the type of peel you chose. Dermabrasion can also treat facial skin by scraping away the top lays to reduce wrinkles and scars. This is a permanent option costing around £60 per treatment but often requiring several treatments to achieve the desired effect.

Salon alternatives to cosmetic surgery

There are also non-surgical options that can change the shape of your body. Body wraps can both exfoliate skin and cause temporary inch loss. The prices vary depending on the salon and the type of wrap that you chose normally starting at around £40. The loss of inches can last up to 28 days but depends on your diet and does not cause you to lose any weight. You can also shape your body using a vibration plate; these claim to the benefits of an hour of exercise in fifteen minutes and can encourage weight loss and improved posture. These are available to buy at home costing between £100 and £7000 depending on the model.

Non-surgical options can be expensive and are not always permanent. However, they offer you an improved appearance, which can improve your confidence having an effect on your quality of life. If you cannot afford cosmetic surgery, non-surgical alternatives can reduce wrinkles, your size, and your weight. These often involve repeat procedures or hard work, which can put some people off, but they can be life changing.

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