NHS Funded Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

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Very occasionally, the NHS does offer Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery free of charge. This is extremely dependent on various aspects of your case and to get thorough advice on this and to determine if you are eligible, you should approach your GP.

Reasons you may be considered for NHS funded surgery

To be one of the very rare few that may be offered the Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery funded by the NHS, you must show that the inverted nipples have having a major impact on you physical and/or psychological health. They will consider funding the procedure only if the inverted nipples are having such an impact on your life that it is effectively stopping you from living it. Even if you are offered the funding, NHS resources are very limited and the waiting list for procedures is long. Due to the stress and unlikelihood of getting the surgery funded by the NHS, many people choose to go directly to a private clinic.

Seeing your GP

Whether or not you believe you will be considered eligible for NHS funded surgery, it is worthwhile going to talk too your GP prior to organising private surgery. Your GP may decide you are, in fact, eligible and refer you to get a psychological assessment and then to a clinic for the procedure. Otherwise, your GP may merely advise you on where to go to get the operation and help you prepare some important questions to ask your surgeon.

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