Inverted Nipples in Men

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That’s right, it’s not just women who can suffer from inverted nipples. Men can get inverted nipples too, perhaps caused by a natural anomaly or attachment of the nipple to muscle by the gynecomastia gland (this is rare and is due to the development of an abnormal mammary gland in the man). Just like with women, inverted nipples can cause men to become self-conscious too. It’s no secret that men tend to expose their chests significantly more than women. A hot day, a trip to the swimming pool, the changing rooms at the gym are just a small selection of the various situations men find themselves in where removing your top is a common practise.

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery is an option for men too. The process is pretty much the same as in women, however no milk ducts are cut. If the inverted nipple is cause by tethering, then whatever is holding the nipple in the inverted position is cut.

If surgery to correct your inverted nipple is something you would be interested in, you should approach your GP and then get a consultation (or a few) with a plastic surgeon. However, surgery in men will purely be for aesthetics as the inverted nipple does not cause any medical issues interrupt anything like breastfeeding (which is a key motivation for women to get the surgery). Despite this, the mere self-conscious feeling can be enough for you to consider and undergo surgery if you believe it will benefit you.

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