Potential Risks & Complications with Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

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As with every other operation, Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery carries with it some possible complications. The severity of the side effects is variable depending on the individual. The risks should be discussed with you prior to the surgery, however, it is still deemed important that you are aware of just some of the possibilities before you get your heart set on surgery so you can further weight up the benefits with the risks.

You may suffer from infection in the wound. This could potentially mean you must take a course of antibiotics and if the infection is serious, you may need to enter hospital.

Some patients have experienced pain if they had the operation under local anaesthetic. Also, the anaesthesia could cause you to have a reaction, although the surgeon will question whether you are tolerant to the anaesthesia in your consultation, so this isn’t such a common complication as long as you know for sure that you are not subject to such reactions. The severity of this adverse reaction is variable and dependent on the individual.

Possibly the most commonly discussed problem that results from this specific type of surgery is the potential for the nipple to become inverted once again. In this case, you should go back for a consultation (if you would like another operation to correct it) with your surgeon who shall make an informed decision to determine if there is point to undergoing to procedure once again or whether the re-inversion is likely to happen again.

Also, specific to Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery, there is a chance that the operation could leave you unable to breastfeed. This is most common after operations to fixed grade 3 inverted nipples if the milk ducts had to be cut to release the nipple.

A less serious, but relatively complication that may result from this type of surgery is asymmetry. This may just be due to the nipple being “over-corrected” so it is noticeably more prominent than the other nipple. On the other hand, the nipple may not be released as much as the other leading to the same style of asymmetry. However, this is a risk that will be explained during the consultation and so it should be a factor in your decision-making process as to whether asymmetrical nipples is better than inverted nipples.

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