Inverted Nipples in Babies

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Many babies are born with inverted nipples. This is due to the tissue underneath not multiplying and growing quick enough to cause the nipple to stick out. This often changes as the baby ages through childhood and adolescence (as described above). With babies, it is very common to see inverted nipples and they are generally not a cause for concern, however if you have a baby with inverted nipples and you are at all anxious, then see a doctor.

When born, humans are still developing and the area in which certain stages of development are taking place is unique to the individual. Some nipples just need longer to develop than others.

If you search online to enquire whether inverted nipples in babies are normal, you will be met with an influx of mothers all asking the same question. The sheer number of mothers discussing their baby’s inverted nipples can be seen to others as a source of comfort as it brings a sense of normality to the situation as it is so common. It is also very likely that the baby’s nipples will become normal over time.

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