Preparing for Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

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At your consultation with your surgeon, they will have hopefully told you exactly what to expect from your surgery and prepare you for the most likely result. You should be informed as to what grade (1, 2 or 3) your nipple inversion is and how that affects the procedure that you will require.

If the surgeon diagnoses you with grade 1 inverted nipples, they may suggest you try using a niplette. This is a device used to physically suck the nipple out of its inverted position. If this fails, or you have grade 2 or 3 inverted nipples, then surgery will be recommended and the procedure will be explained in detail and you will be given the chance to ask any questions you wish.

On the day of your surgery, you will have to turn up to the clinic at your assigned time. Here you will be given the appropriate clothing and the surgeon will talk you through the procedure one last time. This is your last chance to ask any more questions or even opt-out if you wish. The surgeon will make sure you know everything you need to before you a prepped and sent to theatre to undergo the operation.

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