Reasons for undergoing Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

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There are numerous reasons that one may undergo Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery and such a justification is absolutely personal to the individual. Despite this, there are reasons, which seem to be more common than others, such as self-consciousness and to allow breastfeeding with ease. Below are some possible motivations that may help you summarise exactly why you are possibly considering going under the knife.


Some women choose to undergo Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery purely because they would like their breasts to be more aesthetically pleasing. This is often a common reason if only one nipple is inverted the woman is seeking symmetry. It is, however, relatively uncommon for someone to undergo the procedure unless the appearance is genuinely affecting their self-esteem.


As stated above, many women are displeased with the appearance of their breasts if they have inverted nipples. It can have a severe effect on the woman’s mentality and may lead to her feeling uncomfortable, especially when undressing. This can cause problems when it comes to intimacy as often the woman sees the inverted nipple as a deformity that should be fixed in order to be “normal”.


Breastfeeding is possible for most women with inverted nipples, however it can be more difficult as it may be hard for the baby to latch onto the nipple. This can be helped by various pieces of equipment available on the open market, which work by physically withdrawing the nipple and holding it in a protruded position. This may be deemed as in inconvenience or undesirable option and so surgery is sought as a way of permanently extracting the nipple to allow for easier breastfeeding in the future. It should be noted that sometimes during pregnancy, the nipple can become more protruded so it may be advisable to see if this is likely for you before undergoing surgery.


It is no secret that we live in a society full of pressures for you to look your best at all times to compete with airbrushed celebrities and to be attractive to a prospective partner. This means that so many of us are striving for perfection and inverted nipples often don’t fit in with that. Alternatively, the pressure may come from bullying partners or colleagues, which will seriously lower self-confidence and possibly make you feel forced into having surgery get “normal” nipples. If this is the reason you are considering surgery, you should possibly contemplate talking it through seriously with a friend, family member or maybe a therapist to help decide if surgery really is the best route to take.

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