What to Expect after the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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Before having the breast reduction surgery you should make sure that you know what to expect after the surgery so you know what side effects are normal and which ones you should be cautious about.

What to do after the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Straight after the surgery the surgeon will place gauze over where the incisions were made and often it is advised for you to wear either a Lycra or a tight fitting t shirt or vest to support the chest after the breast reduction. During the first few days after the surgery it is likely that you will have to deal with some pain and uneasiness around the chest area. Something as simple as a cough or a sneeze can make your chest feel extremely painful and because of this for the first two weeks after the surgery at the very least you should not do any rigorous activity or exercise.

Side Effects which you may experience after the Reduction Surgery

You will also experience some extreme bruising around the chest areas especially where the incisions for the liposuction tubes were made. Plus straight after your surgery your chest area will be seriously swollen and you should not worry about this as the swelling will reduce over time and the breasts will not remain this size or shape.

Your surgeon will also give you some extra strong pain killing medication to make sure that you are comfortable during your recovery time. It is usually alright for you to be able to have over the counter painkillers as well such as paracetamol which will just ease the pain a little bit more.

Another common thing to expect after your male breast reduction surgery is either a loss or a change in the feeling and sensations in and around your nipples and chest area. This can be as minor as a small tingling sensation or as major as a completely loosing the feeling in your nipples due to the nerve endings being affected by the surgery.

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