Consultation for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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The initial male breast reduction surgery consultation with the surgeon is extremely important because this session is used to discuss your suitability for the procedure and also the results which you can expect. Before having this consultation you should first think of the all the questions that you want to ask so you can make the most out of the meeting.

Questions to ask at the First Consultation

These questions may include some of the following;

  • The total cost of the procedure and what does this include?
  • How successful will the surgery be and what realistic results can I expect?
  • Is the breast reduction surgery the best way of treating my condition?
  • How many of these breast reduction procedures have you done and how many were a success?
  • What potential risks and side effects could I have after the surgery?

At the consultation you will also be asked why you want go ahead with the surgery and you should think about both your physical and psychological reasons. It is also important that you tell the surgeon exactly what you expect from the surgery as your expectations may be too high and so you may be asked to reconsider the method of treatment for your condition. 

The surgeon will also ask you what medication you have previously been prescribed and what you are currently on. This is extremely important as medication could potentially affect the surgery and your recovery.

Initial Physical Examinations for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Most surgeons will then want to do a physical examination on you to make sure that they are extremely thorough when deciding on your suitability. This examination may include a blood test and physical examination of the breasts to assess the severity of the condition. The surgeon may also ask to have a hormonal test to see if there is a hormonal reason for your condition. In this initial consultation the surgeon will also be able to tell you the position of the scars from the surgery and also the amount of scarring, as this does depend on your skin type.

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