Booking an Appointment for Male Breast Reduction

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Booking an appointment for the male breast reduction surgery is relatively straightforward it often means phoning or emailing the clinic or surgery that you have chosen to have your surgery at.

Booking Online for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

There is also the option of booking online for the surgery on the clinics website. When filling in the online form you will be expected to give following information;

  • Name, age and date of birth
  • A contact number and address
  • The surgery which you are interested in having
  • The preferred date for the surgery
  • The preferred time of the surgery
  • And what branch of the practice would you like to go (This often matches with which region you live in)

Perhaps the hardest part of booking your first appointment is finding the clinic which you trust enough to have the surgery with. You should first think about the reputability of the clinic and the success rate of the procedures that have previously gone ahead. You should also ask to see the surgeon’s qualification for the relevant procedure which you want to make sure that they have the proper training which is needed for the breast reduction to be a success.

What to be weary of when booking an appointment

You should also be weary of clinics that offer special offers, for example buy one surgery get one free as the best clinics should not need to do this if they have a good reputation among previous clients. It may also be a good idea to request brochures from all the different clinics that you are thinking about using to compare the facilities, the prices and any extras that are included in the price.

Most clinics offer the first initial consultation for free although this is worth researching as some do charge for a booking fee. These fees can cost anything from £25; this charge will depend on the reputability of the clinic and how much interest they have for that particular procedure.

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